Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year's Resolution -- No More Follow Fridays

As always, these are purely my own opinions and musings and not some official announcements from Intel.
To everything there is a season and all good things must come to pass. Even the most fervent of addictions burn themselves out, perhaps especially those.

For some time now, my work environment at Intel has changed and my time on twitter has not been viewed universally positively. As a result, I haven't been tweeting during working hours, nor when I've been busy (and I'm busy most of the time) even when at home.

Thus, the amount of content I've been sharing has been dwindling. That has had the effect of making the percentage of my tweets which are simply Follow Friday's go up. Not that I'm doing more of them, just less of other stuff. The old usenet term for this was that my signal to noise ratio was going down.

Therefore, I'm making my first ever personal New Year's Resolution. I'm going to drop out of the Follow Friday culture.

It's not that I view it as a bad thing generally. I still think it is a great idea.

However, my participation in it has served its purpose. Most of the Follow Friday lists I participate in them are people I already know, and ones I've already introduced my followers to. Thus, I'm not giving out new information. And, old information is just clutter in this case. So, it is time to de-clutter my stream.