Friday, October 23, 2015

Should I Change my Twitter Handle? @intel_chris->@googl_chris

I've been @intel_chris as long as I've been on twitter. However, all good things must come to pass. And, so it has been for me with Intel. My ~15 year career with Intel (longer if you count my years as a contractor, which I do, but they don't) came to an end with the last round of layoffs. I'm a staunch supporter of diversity and believe this will help Intel be more diverse, so I have no complaints, even if it was marginally inconvenient to be encouraged to move on.

That said, I have moved on. Starting Monday, October 26th, I will be working for Google. It's an exciting position and I'm happy to have this opportunity to grow.

That, of course, presents me with an interesting conundrum, do I update my twitter name? The obvious choice of @google_chris already belongs to someone else, so does @goog_chris, but not @googl_chris--which seems like it could be ripe for confusion (also @ggl_chris or @chris_google are available, oh and @goo_gle_chris and also @goo_chris).

I could also simply remain @intel_chris even though the connection there is now more historical. My wife is urging me to move on in all senses, so remaining @intel_chris is perhaps a bit problematic for matrimonial harmony which is never to be discounted.

I also started looking at variations on my name. I certainly can do @christopher_clark, or even @christopher_f_clark to match my LinkedIN name, but both seem long, and I already have people not realizing that it's ok to address me as Chris as long as you aren't a financial institution or from the government.

However, none of the choices inspires me to say "that's it", "that's who I should be".

So, therefore I ask you the people who might read me should I return to being active on twitter, who would you want me to be? Feel free to tweet me ideas and/or "vote".