Saturday, March 27, 2010

Confessions of a Serial Retweeter

Hi, my name is Chris, and I am a Serial Retweeter. I last Retweeted 15 minutes ago.

That's how the introductions in 12 step programs go. Right?

Hmmm, serial retweeter, that sounds bad doesn't it. Oh, well, it is accurate. It is what I do, what I like to do on twitter. And, this in my own way is my apology for that.

My apology for not being quite as engaging as I perhaps should be. Not writing as many "hello, how are you?" notes as I should. Apology for not writing as many "thank you" notes. Apology for letting conversations drop once someone has posted the answer to a question, or at best retweeting their answer.

However, please take my retweets as my indication of appreciation, interest, and respect. There are many out there already saying what I want to say, and saying better than I could. My retweeting of them (of you!) is my way of getting my own message out. And, yes, I do occasionally add a tidbit or to onto a tweet to make a small point. Or, write a follow up tweet. Still, all-in-all, I will let my shyness keep me from posting too many things on my own. Apologies for that.

The same goes for blogging. There are already great bloggers out there. Ones that say important things, Ones that are thoughtful. Ones the get their points just right. Ones who are convincing and motivating and persuasive. Ones that are witty or up-lifting.

There are also great reporters out there. Ones that find the news stories. Ones that analyze them. Ones that bring just the right insight to them. Ones the get the news to us quickly.

Neither of those things can I compete with. I'll never be the first to find some news, nor will I be the one to distill it into a bit of insight that motivates people to change in a way that improves the world. So, yes, I will blog some. However, more often, I will take the easy way out, and simply RT a reference to what someone else has written. Again, apologies.

However, hopefully, it is actually the better way. You will get the same news and you will get the same insight and same motivation and inspiration, just from someone who writes better.

So, while I am sorry I am not a better writer and I am working on being more engaging, I will continue to let those who do the hard work of creating great content do what they do best, and I will continue to find items I like and retweet them.

And, now, I will sit down and let our next 12 step participant speak.

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